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Connhex for the planet

We're on a mission to empower device manufacturers with the best software. Without this planet, though, it won't matter.

Why this is a priority

Average temperature anomaly, global. Source

No matter how you square it, the trend is worrying - temperatures have been rising for the past century.

When facing big challenges, the only wrong reaction is looking the other way. However small our contribution might be, it's still better than doing nothing. As the saying goes, the ocean is made of many drops, after all.

With Connhex, we have a state-of-the-art data collection system. The obvious question is: can we leverage it for good?

Our plan

Supporting research with all of our technology and expertise. For free.

We want to support environmental research as broadly as possible. If you're a registered research organization1 focusing on climate change, environmental science or any related area, we will:

  1. provide everything included in Connhex for free
  2. host a dedicated Connhex instance at our own expense
  3. make available all of our technology and expertise for reliable data transfer free of charge

The idea behind this initiative is that by removing all the engineering involved in reliably gathering data from the field, researchers will be able to move faster - and only focus on the actual science.

1. Any research organization registered on ROR.

Are you a researcher?

Get in touch and tell us how we can support your environmental research through Connhex. We're also looking for additional ways to help with our expertise in creating production-grade data collection systems.

We'd love to hear from you!

Image credits: Karsten Wuerth