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Process, store and visualize data in your own Cloud. And much more.


The perfect foundation to build your industrial IoT platform

Develop your applications without managing a complex infrastructure: Connhex provides you with rock-solid foundations upon which you can build a custom platform to meet your customers' needs.

Thanks to its complete set of services, you'll get to market in no time: Connhex comes with control, monitoring and internal tools too.

Hosted on your cloud, no vendor lock-in, GDPR compliant: being an industrial-grade solution, Connhex addresses data protection concerns too.


  • Encrypted connections and token-protected data access
  • Support for mutual TLS authentication (mTLS) with X.509 certificates
  • Automatic generation and renewal of SSL certificates
  • Compliant with GDPR requirements


  • Support for all the main technologies used in the IoT world
  • Easily expandable with custom protocols
  • Can be integrated with any device, application or platform


  • Web control interface for managing your data and devices
  • Full suite of services targeting common needs
  • Online architecture and REST API docs


  • Developed with cutting-edge technologies for high performance and minimum resource consumption
  • Multi-node clusters and High-Availability support
simplified diagram of how connhex interfaces with devices and applications

Need a more powerful version of Connhex?

To the stars

Connhex Enterprise is the perfect answer for high-traffic applications.

It features automatic scaling to handle traffic spikes, multi-region redundancy for higher availability and reduced latency.

And, exactly like the base version of Connhex, it is completely under your control: host it on your account on any major cloud platform provider!

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