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We've interviewed some Connhex users: here are their stories.

Using Connhex to create the next generation of industrial dataloggersRead the story
Using Connhex to create the next generation of industrial dataloggers
4neXt was facing a rapid increase in the number of connected devices, the need to ensure a reliable service to its customers and some challenges in adding new functionalities to an existing platform...
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We see Connhex as a strategic investment for our future.
Gino Cecchettin - Managing Director, 4neXt
Building a scalable cloud infrastructure with ConnhexRead the story
Building a scalable cloud infrastructure with Connhex
Astrel Group made the strategic decision to build a unified cloud infrastructure to support its four business units. The new infrastructure should have had low operating costs, to allow for...
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The best solution for our needs: nothing even comes close.
Paolo Zigoni - CTO, Astrel Group
Adding Connhex Provisioning to an existing cloud infrastructureRead the story
Seitron was looking for a way to improve their existing provisioning and remote initialization flows. Connhex services were a perfect fit, but...
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I'm confident it will be one of our infrastructural pillars for many years.
Stefano Vardanega - Senior Software Engineer, Seitron
Improving waste management with ConnhexRead the story
Improving waste management with Connhex
As the company was looking to expand its offering into digital services, existing solutions didn't meet their needs, being not flexible enough. This is when they discovered Connhex...
Showcasing Connhex Edge at electronicaRead the story
Showcasing Connhex Edge at electronica
Engicam showcased Connhex Edge at electronica (Munich), leveraging the system monitor addon to analyze resources usage on MicroGEA modules...
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The entire process was seamless.
Milco Pratesi - CTO, Engicam
Using Connhex to speed up vehicle developmentRead the story
Using Connhex to speed up vehicle development
The company needed to set up a data collection infrastructure to support its vehicle development-test-validation process. This would allow the company to compare the collected data with simulated results more efficiently and iterate over...