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The only service you'll need to manage payments.

animated gif of connhex pay in action
Your brandYou'll get your own logo, color palette and custom layout.

One-time, recurring and offline payments

Dedicated customer portal

Integrated with Connhex IAM


Any payment strategy your business needs

Different business models call for different billing strategies. This is why Connhex Pay supports:

  • one-time payments
  • offline payments
  • recurring payments
  • payments reconciliation

It also supports trial periods, discounts and coupons.

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Empowering users

Connhex Pay integrates with Connhex Auth to make products available directly from the user's profile. You'll get a complete checkout flow - with product and plan selection - together with a dedicated customer portal.

Users can buy new products and upgrade their subscriptions without your intervention.

Device manufacturers

Stripe, but for device manufacturers

You can think of Connhex Pay as layer over Stripe that creates a ready-to-use solution for device manufacturers. For example, it allows you to:

  • define compatibility between products and plans
  • automatically grant different device and application permissions
  • support physical products and digital subscriptions
  • manage product-realm relationships to support multiple business units
  • integrate with ERP and manufacturing systems