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The IoT suite that puts

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Connhex is the first industrial IoT suite engineered from the ground up for connected device manufacturers.

Your own IoT


Manufacturing connected devices in 2024 is hard.

Customers have come to expect a superb all-round experience: your company needs to master hardware, firmware and software. Excellent durability, reliability and competitive pricing are taken for granted: web and mobile apps, digital assistants and third-party integrations are your company's business card. All of this needs to communicate with your devices and that's when we take the field.

Connhex is not yet another white-label IoT platform. Countless of those already exist and they do their job quite well: if all you need is storing data, visualizing charts and a sprinkle of customization, look no further than those. Connhex takes a radically different approach: it is a suite of products that allows the creation of your own IoT platform.

We disappear in the background, and let your apps take the stage.



It all starts here - your devices must exchange data efficiently and reliably. If this doesn't work, nothing else will.


Collected data needs to be stored, processed and visualized. Then act on it: think of permissions, alarms, commands.


Turning connected devices into intelligent ones translates into enhancing their capabilities beyond what hardware by itself allows.


Collect data and receive commands at the Edge

Getting remote communication right is easy 95% of the time.

Then the edge cases creep in: low or transient connectivity, power losses and the occasional wire eaten by a mouse.

That's where Connhex Edge comes into play.

Connhex Edge logo

Drastically simplify data exchange

As a pool of services running on your Linux devices, Connhex Edge takes care of everything involved in exchanging data between the field and the cloud.

Cut down time to market

Reduce time to market for your new products by developing functionalities on top of an industrial-grade backbone.

A tunnel to your devices

With Connhex Edge you get remote control of any device straight out of the box. Yes, this includes OTA firmware updates too!

And more...

  • Plug and play integration with Connhex Cloud
  • Bridge data between the cloud and field BUS
  • Easily expandable through addons
  • Compatible with any Linux device


Process, store and visualize data in your own Cloud



Host the platform on a dedicated instance: your data is fully under your control.


State of the art data encryption, comprehensive authentication and authorization policies.


GDPR-compliant architecture design, ISO 27001 compliant hosting.



Best in class performance on real scenarios, not just synthetic benchmarks.


Supports any message format and protocol, can be integrated with legacy systems.


Dedicated to production use cases: connect unlimited devices, register unlimited users.



Real-time monitoring of infrastructure health, predictive alerting of upcoming overloads and extensive logging.


Features multiple functionalities beyond data collection: notifications, alarms, payments and much more.

Remote control

Vertical integration with Edge allows for complete remote device control - OTA update included!


Analyze collected data to extract valuable insights

Anomaly detection

Automatically detect anomalies in collected data: no machine-learning expertise is needed.


Forecast values based on sensor readings and create intelligent triggers.

And more...

  • Integrates with Connhex Cloud for smart alarms
  • User defined configurations
  • Advanced evaluation metrics and AutoML
  • Simulation of production environment
artistic rendering of graphical data presentations

Best of both worlds

Connhex combines the advantages of an off-the-shelf product with those of a custom solution.


off-the-shelf product

custom project



Get your products out of the door as fast as possible with the lowest time to market.



Software that has been tested and validated extensively allows you to sleep better.



Development costs are spread between multiple customers: that's why you'll enjoy reduced upfront costs.



Get exactly what you need, instead of the usual white-labeled dashboard.



Integrations with legacy software? No problem. Need to change how something works? Easy to do.



Avoid vendor lock-in by having your own platform. Ensure your business doesn't rely on anyone else!

Don't take our word for it.

We've asked what Connhex is like to those who are actually using it:

We see Connhex as a strategic investment for our future: a state-of-the-art IoT infrastructure has proven to be an essential competitive advantage.
Gino Cecchettin Managing Director, 4neXtGino CecchettinManaging Director, 4neXt
I discovered Connhex after an in-depth technological scouting phase. It has proven to be by far the best solution for our needs: nothing even comes close.
Paolo Zigoni CTO, Astrel GroupPaolo ZigoniCTO, Astrel Group
The entire process was seamless - we just flashed the image and booted the board.
Milco Pratesi CTO, EngicamMilco PratesiCTO, Engicam
I'm confident it will be one of our infrastructural pillars for many years.
Stefano Vardanega Senior Software Engineer, SeitronStefano VardanegaSenior Software Engineer, Seitron

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