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About Connhex

Connhex is the first industrial IoT suite engineered from the ground up for connected device manufacturers.

To clarify what we mean by suite, let's start by defining what Connhex is not. Connhex isn't yet another IoT platform. Countless of those already exist, and they do their job quite well: if all you need is storing data, visualizing charts and a sprinkle of customization, look no further than those. Many of them are also available as white-label products, so you can add your own logo too.

You can think of Connhex as something that includes an IIoT platform, alongside many other services. Even if Connhex is flexible, it focuses on being the best solution for connected devices manufactures, as this docs will (hopefully!) make apparent.

Docs outline

This section contains an introduction to Connhex and its architecture. From here you can go a few places:

  • the quickstart: walk through complete examples and find pointers to other relevant parts of the docs
  • docs for Connhex Edge
  • docs for Connhex Cloud: please note that every major Connhex Cloud service has its own documentation section, so make sure to check out those that are relevant to you!
  • docs for Connhex AI
  • the API: APIs for interacting with various Connhex Cloud services