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Installing Connhex Edge

Clean up previous installations

If you're trying to re-configure a device in which Connhex Edge was previously installed, make sure you:

  • go to /opt/connhex/configs
  • remove agent.toml and agent.env. These are automatically created during the Connhex Edge configuration process.

Connhex Edge is distributed through a .deb package. You can download it from our registry using wget:


and install it with:

sudo dpkg -i connhex-edge-agent_2.0.0_linux_armv7.deb

You can run Connhex Edge with:

sudo /opt/connhex/bin/

There are multiple ways of configuring1 Connhex Edge: while they all have pros and cons, the final result is exactly the same.


This is the recommended way of configuring Connhex Edge in all cases except for high-throughput production processes - where you should consider interfacing through Connhex Provisioning APIs.

SnapLink comes as a wizard during the first execution of the agent: you can read more about it here.

Manual configuration

You can also configure Connhex Edge manually: the main advantage with respect to using SnapLink is you won't need to approve each association request through Connhex Control. You can read more about it here.

  1. By configuring Connhex Edge we mean enabling its connection to Connhex Cloud.