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ConnhexRules Engine

Transform incoming data.

a gif showing the rules engine in action

Custom rules and conditions

Events historicization

Integrated with Connhex Notifications


Process data ingested by Connhex Core

Connhex Rules Engine allows you to create rules that will be applied to transform or react to incoming data. A rule consists in a set of conditions that must be met for it to be executed, together with actions to be taken once those conditions are met.
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Predefined rules

Common use case? Already settled.

By including typically used rules, Connhex Rules Engine allows you to provide users with functionalities without any configuration:

  • Offline device
  • Correlation between metrics
  • Comparison with threshold
  • Matching with external data sources
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Events Historicization

One rule execution, one event stored.

Connhex Rules Engine creates an event every time a rule is executed. An event snapshot is stored, complete with all the boundary conditions (metrics values, triggered conditions, ...): this way, you'll get accurate historicization even if the rule is edited in the future.
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Triggered rule? Take action!

Once a rule is triggered, you'll probably need to do something about it. Connhex Rules Engine can send notifications based on the processing results, store the results or execute third-party functions through hooks.