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Connhex Manufacturing is a service dedicated to storing data about devices during their:

  • manufacturing
  • final assembly
  • testing
  • packaging

phases. This complements Connhex Core, which is responsible for handling the IoT-related data. A typical split between the two is:

Connhex ManufacturingSerial number, model, type, lot, SKU,...
Connhex CoreConnection parameters, metadata,...


Each device manufacturer has a different production and testing process. At the same time, if you look closely enough, lots of similarities emerge.

Connhex Manufacturing takes the approach of:

  • being completely customizable through the definition of JSON schemas
  • including a default configuration straight out of the box.

You can read more about the default configuration of Connhex Manufacturing here.


Connhex Manufacturing comes with a built-in historicization feature. This entails that any changes occurring in your manufactured products are automatically recorded by the service, thereby enabling the convenient retrieval of their complete manufacturing cycle with a single API call.

product recall

This proves particularly valuable in scenarios where, for instance, a production batch needs to be recalled.

Just through the serial number of a defective device, you can list all the devices that were either produced or shipped together with it.

Use cases

Connhex Manufacturing can be integrated in the production and testing process through its API.

It is also useful in a stand-alone configuration, since access is provided via Connhex Control.

Connhex Manufacturing also supports different flows inside of Connhex Cloud. Two notable examples are the device provisioning and end-user device registration.