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Everything related to accounts and authentication: signup, signin, user profile - and much more.

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Your brandYou'll get your own logo, color palette and custom layout.

Complete user profile

2FA TOTP Authenticator

Social Sign In

User profile

Connhex Auth gives users complete control over their profile: they will be able to self-manage attributes, account verification, forgotten password and password update.

Attributes are completely customizable through a JSON schema: you get to decide what information users need to provide before they can access your platform.

user profile page

Social Sign In

You can simplify registration and login for users by enabling social sign in - they'll surely thank you for one less password to remember!

Connhex Auth supports multiple providers: once again, choosing which ones to enable is completely in your power.

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social sign in setting page

2FA and Authenticator apps

Security is a first class citizen in Connhex Auth. It supports 2-factor authentication through authenticator apps - a safer choice compared to SMS based verification.

Another example? Every time a user picks a password - be it on first registration or while updating it - we check it against databases of known breached passwords. You can disable this functionality - but you really shouldn't!

app authenticator setting page

Recovery codes

Through recovery codes, users can access their accounts even if the second authentication factor is lost - or momentarily not accessible.
recovery codes setting page

Biometric and hardware token support

Connhex Auth includes advanced browser-based authentication features, like support for hardware or biometric tokens.

Since these features aren't widely supported yet, Connhex Auth defaults to disabling the corresponding menu. Should you need them, it's as simple as updating a single boolean flag.

hardware token setting page

Your own brand

The screens you see in this page reflect Compiuta's brand.

Your Connhex-based platform's user interface is completely customizable: it will feature your own logo, color palette, custom layout and any additional change you'll consider appropriate.