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The fastest way to notify your users.

logos of messaging applications that can be interfaced with Connhex Notification

Notification hub

Custom notification templates

Fine-grained user controls

central hub

How every service can deliver notifications

Connhex Notifications is the central hub through which every other service can deliver notifications.
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Your notifications, your brand

Connhex Notification has been designed to be customizable, where the notification medium allows it. You get complete control over:

  • layouts
  • templates
  • branding
user preferences

Integrated with user profiles

Users can set their notification preferences from their profile page - defaulting to email if no additional notification method is specified. You can control which notification mediums can be used by each user: this proves to be particularly useful in cases of notification methods that involve a unit cost (e.g. SMS).
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notification methods configuration panel
Your brandYou'll get your own logo, color palette and custom layout.