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Everything you'll need to export data asynchronously.

animation of connhex-exporter in action

Highly scalable

Bulk and recurrent exports

Smart requests queue


How much data as you want: exporter will be there

Connhex Exporter has been designed to operate asynchronously. Couple that with our dedication to efficiency and you'll get a system that has adequate performance to be used as a foundation to implement multiple functionalities.
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Every feature you'll need for data exports

Connhex Exporter is a fully-fledged service, covering the vast majority of your data export needs.

  • Bulk exports
  • Recurring exports
  • Progress updates
  • Fully customizable
  • Automatic notification
  • Multiple export formats
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advanced features

Given its name, details matter

Since this is the Connhex Exporter, you would probably expect a few gems hidden here and there. You'd be right! Here are our favorites:

  • we created a smart-queue algorithm, to ensure the time each user waits for the export is minimized while preserving a FIFO order
  • you can specify a deletion policy for exports (by default, after one week) by date, disk usage, a combination of the two, ....