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Manage attributes and track relationships between components making up your devices.

Relationships tracking

Full changes historicization

Attributes registry

attributes and relationships

Mirroring your devices structure.

Connhex Resources manages all the information about your devices' structure. It does so by defining attributes, relationships between parts and tracking changes over the entire product lifecycle.

You can think of it like a BOM, that evolves over time to account for part replacements, and a complete log of events that happened to a given device.

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Suitable for any device.

Connhex Resources doesn't make any assumption over your device's structure. Any device that can be represented through a JSON Schema is a valid resource: you're free to create attributes and relationships as you like.
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developer oriented

Automated JSON:API generation.

As developers ourselves, we wanted a way to obtain all CRUDs for any resource in the easiest way possible. That's why Connhex Resources exposes JSON:API endpoints for every resource - and handle historicization automatically.

Simply create a JSON Schema describing your device and you'll be good to go!

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