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Connhex Mapper is a service that allows you to transform messages sent by devices in the field.

Mapping can happen at different scales. For example, you could:

  • redirect a message coming from a certain topic to a different one;
  • remap the message payload applying specific functions and directives.

Mapping operations are specified through the Connhex Mapper configuration.

Use cases

Most of the time, your application won't need message mapping.

However, there are some situations where this option comes in handy. For example:

  • if your application needs to support a legacy protocol with a different sending format. In this case, remapping the message content to the new format is the solution;
  • if you need to process messages from a subset of all devices (and therefore certain topics) in a particular way, you can redirect them to a different topic;
  • if you need to extract a particular attribute from messages sent by devices and handle it separately.