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Connhex Notifications is a service that allows you to send notifications to users registered in Connhex Cloud. It integrates with every other service in Connhex Cloud that needs to send notifications: you can imagine it as a notification hub that receives requests from other services and handles them appropriately.

Use cases

Connhex Notifications can be used anytime a service needs to send notifications to users. Here are a few examples:

  • when a rule is triggered in Connhex Rules Engine
  • when an export file generated by Connhex Exporter is ready
  • when a device with enabled monitoring goes offline
  • when an operation needs to be performed on the user's account (e.g. password reset, account verification, etc.)

Data structure


The following sections use Typescript to describe the structure of the data. This is done to facilitate the understanding of the data structure, but there's obviously no requirement to use Typescript in any of your code. For the complete API reference, please refer to the API documentation.

export enum CptNotificationMedium {
Email = 'email',
Telegram = 'telegram',
Sms = 'sms',
Slack = 'slack',
Discord = 'discord',
FCM = 'fcm',
MsTeams = 'msteams',