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Improving waste management with Connhex

Partial disclosure

This customer has agreed to only share an overview of what Connhex is being used for. We hope to get clearance and fully describe this use case someday: in the meantime, you can find a brief description on this page.

Company profile

The company is a supplier of waste management solutions for the European market.

Its product lineup ranges from several collection vehicle types and different weighing/suction systems to aftersale services.

As the company was looking to expand its offering into digital services, it started to seek out systems tailored to the waste management market.

First step, they needed a way to connect their vehicles to a cloud data collection platform. Second, they needed a way to process those data and expose them to municipalities. And third, they needed a way to remotely access their vehicles for troubleshooting purposes.

Unfortunately, existing solutions didn't meet their needs, being not flexible enough. At the same time, they weren't feeling comfortable with building in-house, since this was their first foray into digital services: this is when they discovered Connhex.

Using Connhex

Here's a general overview over the final solution.

Eco use case flow diagram

The system comprises:

  • the Connhex Edge agent, installed on the in-vehicle gateway. It is responsible for handling the bidirectional communication with the cloud and interfacing with different peripherals - scale, display, authentication system, ... - via multiple custom services
  • Connhex Cloud, with a tenant configuration approximately 1:1 to municipalities
  • a custom syncer, responsible for - as the name suggests - syncing data with certain municipalities systems