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Showcasing Connhex Edge at electronica

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Engicam designs, develops and produces high-performance embedded computing products - focusing on longevity, smallest form factor, robustness, scalability.

To pursue its mission of offering industrial customers a complete product range of standard modules and tailor-made solutions, Engicam is fully certified, by CISQ/IMQ-CSQ according to the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for the design and production of electronic systems.

Engicam also ensures complete and accurate control of the quality processes, from the direct purchase of the material from franchised and authorized sources to the testing of each stage of production, up to the packaging and shipping.

Engicam showcased its entire product lineup at electronica (Munich, Germany).

Exposing at tradeshows can be challenging for hardware manufacturers: how do you make technical features quickly accessible to visitors passing by? This is why the team decided to partner with us and equip one of their MicroGEA-based products with Connhex Edge.

The entire process was seamless - we just flashed the image and booted the board.
Milco Pratesi CTO - EngicamMilco PratesiCTO - Engicam

The idea was to create a livestream of what was happening on the module under different load conditions. Connhex Edge was coupled with the System Monitor addon and configured to track:

  • Memory usage
  • CPU usage
  • Network traffic
  • Disk ops

All metrics were stored on a Connhex instance dedicated to Engicam and displayed on the standard Grafana System Monitoring dashboard.

Engicam's booth at electronica

Relying on Wi-Fi connectivity at tradeshows can be challenging, typically because of channel saturation: this was not the case, thanks to auto-reconnect policies.

All network hiccups were managed autonomously by Connhex Edge - after reconnect events, no samples were missing.
Milco Pratesi CTO - EngicamMilco PratesiCTO - Engicam

Learn more

You can learn more about Engicam on their website or LinkedIn page.

If you're curious about the system monitor addon, our suggestion would be to start by taking a look at the Connhex Edge feature page. Then you could jump straight into the documentation.