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Adding Connhex Provisioning to an existing cloud infrastructure

Company profile
Seitron designs, develops and manufactures electronic devices for various markets.

Since its inception, Seitron has been active in thermoregulation, with regulators for solar systems and wireless thermostats. Over time, it has extended its scope to the field of gas safety and portable instrumentation, becoming the first Italian manufacturer of combustion analysers.

Quality is at the heart of Seitron's way of working, as confirmed by the June 1999 achievement of the Quality Management System certification under the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. In 2007, the company received Production Quality Assurance Notification for the gas detection system under ATEX Zone 1. In line with the company's commitment to greater environmental sustainability, Seitron also meets the obligations pursuant to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

The story of how Seitron discovered Connhex is quite curious. Thanks to the success of its products, the company needed to scale its own cloud infrastructure, built and operated in-house: while doing so, Seitron gave Compiuta a consulting role.

Once scaling issues were properly addressed, the team turned its attention to expanding their infrastructure with new functionalities.

Using Connhex Provisioning and Connhex Remote Init

The first evolution was identified in overhauling the current device provisioning and initialization process.

Seitron considered Connhex Provisioning and Connhex Remote Init perfect for their needs. Here's the catch, though: its existing cloud architecture was completely different from Connhex Cloud - and perfectly adequate for their purposes. It made no sense to replace it in its entirety.

The Connhex Remote Init flow is exactly what we needed. It also handles cases we didn't foresee at all: I'm confident it will be one of our infrastructural pillars for many years.
Stefano Vardanega Senior Software Engineer - SeitronStefano VardanegaSenior Software Engineer - Seitron

This is where Connhex's architectural modularity came in handy: both services have been integrated into the current infrastructure, with just a few updates to Seitron's services to use Connhex APIs.

In the software world, we tend to use the word modularity too often: in this case, it was more than appropriate. It was nothing but modularity that allowed us such a fast integration of a critical service.
Stefano Vardanega Senior Software Engineer - SeitronStefano VardanegaSenior Software Engineer - Seitron

Learn more

You can learn more about Seitron on their website: their products are also available online here!

For more information about the two Connhex services in question, you can read the docs here: Connhex Provisioning and Connhex Remote Init.