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Connhex Edge is written entirely in Go: this allows us to provide a highly performant executable, with support for multiple architectures and operating systems.

Minimum hardware requirements

Connhex Edge has been developed with common Linux gateways in mind: therefore, it is not suitable for applications based on small microcontrollers.

Looking for a lighter package?

Connhex Micro is the lightweight version of Connhex Edge.

The Connhex Edge agent requires:

  • approximately 30 MB of disk
  • starting from 25 MB of RAM

During our stress tests with CPUs whose clock speed was ranging from 800MHz to 1.2GHz, CPU consumption was never more than a couple of percentage points.

Both memory and CPU consumption are dependent on the number of messages processed. To be precise, Connhex Edge internally leverages a message BUS: the more messages on the BUS at any given moment, the higher the required computational capability.


Different addons have different requirements: as a ballpark figure, budget around 10 MB of disk and RAM for each one.

Compatible OSs

In principle, Connhex Edge should be compatible with every OS supported by Go:

  • aix
  • android
  • darwin
  • dragonfly
  • freebsd
  • illumos
  • ios
  • js
  • linux
  • netbsd
  • openbsd
  • plan9
  • solaris
  • windows

In practice, if you plan to use Connhex Edge with a different OS than Linux, please get in touch: we want to make sure that everything runs smoothly from the get-going.

Compatible architectures

The same reasoning as for OSs holds. In principle, every architecture supported by Go should be compatible with Connhex Edge:

  • 386
  • amd64
  • arm
  • arm64
  • mips
  • mips64
  • mips64le
  • mipsle
  • ppc64
  • ppc64le
  • riscv64
  • s390x
  • wasm

In practice, if you plan to use Connhex Edge with an architecture that is not 386, amd64, arm or arm64 please get in touch.