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Using Connhex to speed up vehicle development

Partial disclosure

This customer has agreed to only share an overview of what Connhex is being used for. We hope to get clearance and fully describe this use case someday: in the meantime, you can find a brief description on this page.

Company profile

The company is a leading off-road vehicle manufacturer.

The company needed to set up a data collection infrastructure to support its vehicle development-test-validation process.

To be more specific, the feedback loop between the prototype testing activities in the field - usually taking place across different continents - and the central R&D office needed to be tightened. This would allow the company to compare the collected telemetry with simulated results more efficiently and iterate over the design process.


Roughly speaking, the final solution consists of:

  • Connhex Edge, logging CAN SAE J1939 data
  • an on-premise installation - more on this below - of Connhex Cloud

Connhex's Grafana integration was essential in ensuring the flexibility of this development tool: coupled with core Connhex APIs, the R&D team had at its disposal a powerful internal utility.

Why Connhex?

Why should one use a production-grade infrastructure, like Connhex, if all that's needed is an internal development tool? In this case, it boiled down to:

  • even if only vehicles under test will send data to Connhex, the BUS is running at 250 kbit/s: this means large amounts of data are involved on each test run
  • the company in question values data ownership a lot. This meant no SaaS product was suitable and the option to install Connhex on-premise was an essential feature.